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At Bulboverhead, we take your Brand very seriously. Possibly even more than you do. While we understand that communication can come in many forms, (and must), for it to be effective for different products and services, we understand that the approach to formulating a Strategy, building a platform and ensuring longevity while retaining flexibility cannot be taken lightly.
Our Structured Marketing approach encompasses all aspects of building a Brand. Whether it's for a new Entity, or for repositioning an existing one. Effectivity rates, Message delivery systems and Recognition-to-Recall factors play an important role, be the end result a campaign spanning all known forms of media, or something as simple as a shopping bag design.
We've been known to spend in excess of 150 man hours over one Logo. But when you take into account that a Logo needs to reflect Brand values, carry a promise, appeal to Target Audiences, be memorable and be built-to-last among 25 requirements, we don't think we'd be called tardy. Perfectionists, yes. Lazy, no.
Summing up, we're different in two ways; in what we do and how we do it. Firstly, Advertisements, Logos, Brochures and Websites aren't really what we try to bring you. It's the Strategy. Communication, both eloquent and clear. All deliverables are just manifestations of this Strategy.
And secondly, when we set about the execution of these deliverables, we believe it's not that important that they speak. But it's vital they be Heard.